8 Week Personalized Online Coaching

$140.00 On Sale

Hello there! Sandy Angel here... Are you tired of starting over every month!?
Allow me to help you. You're taking a step in the right direction towards you dream body. Lets go!

What does it include?
-Customized Meal Plan and Macro coaching for Your Goal and Body
-Weekly check-ins
-Weekly adjustments
-24/7 Email support
-Personalized cardio

-Body scale
-Food scale (Weighs in grams and ounces)
-Provide weekly pictures
-It is your responsibility to ask questions if you don’t understand something during the 8 weeks
-It is your responsibility to honestly/accurately fill out your weigh ins and your spreadsheet
-You must sign the Release of Liability form and fill out a Questionnaire, emailed by your coach Sandy upon purchase of this program.

**customized workouts not included in this 8-week program**

*This is non refundable so if you pay for coaching be 100% sure you are ready to get started.*