About me!

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About me: 

Hi everyone! My name is Sandy Angel (yes my last name is Angel lol ) I am a fitness trainer and the author of the “Angel Fitness” programs. Growing up in a hispanic household I was always so use to my mother cooking Mexican plates such as Pozole, tamales, enchiladas, mole, and the list goes on! Anyways, my physique was for the most part pretty small and as a child no matter what I ate I was always “skinny”.  As I got older I began to gain weight as I continued to eat my mothers meals as well as eating out very often. When I noticed the weight change I thought the best thing to do was to eat less and mostly just fruits and veggies. As far as working out, all I did was run at the park and run on the treadmill. In a short period of time I went from 115lbs to 98lbs ( It doesn’t seem like a lot of weight but for my physique it was). When I got to that weight I still wasn’t happy because my body didn’t have a “nice toned shape”, it was what is known as “skinny fat” and I felt uncomfortable in my own skin so I knew it was time to do something about it.  Did lots of research and watched hundreds of YouTube videos  until finally I understood what I had to do in order to build the body I wanted. The best thing I  could have done is get a gym membership, started weight lifting and learning how to feed my body the proper way. 

Now I want to help women and men become the best versions of themselves and become confident in their own skin. If I did it, I know you can do it too!

If you’re ready to transform your body and improve your lifestyle, this is the program for YOU!